Religious Rights

Cannot say I am a big fan of John Boehner but what if Ted Cruz actually took what he said about being Lucifer in the flesh to HEART and felt a little bit of remorse for all of the hurt and harm he has caused others over the years with his hatred and discriminatory words and actions and THEN actually REPENTED from the OLD WAYS and became NEW.
will likely never happen that he would follow Mother Theresa’s advice, “On the day I discovered I had a Hitler inside me, I decided to turn around and do good.” After all, Mother Theresa was a good Christian woman dressed up in an old Indian female body, heavens to betsy, forbid me from saying this but right there that would certainly disqualify her from anything good or godly according to Ted Cruz and his ilk, right.
and further to his dismay would be that
“she spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.”
― Christopher Hitchens
an exorcism, hmmm….
never mind, Ted Cruz, keep on being Lucifer in the flesh along with your cohort in sin, Carly Fiorina. Great pick for VP of  your fantasy presidential win.
There must be a special place for all of those women who tell lie after lie after lie, all in the name of what exactly ? oh yeah, depriving poor women from health care. Great cause there, Carly. And Carly, you ain’t no Carly Simon, either. “You’re so lame, you probably think…” 
so just a word here about the lie of fetal personhood
“a fertilized egg is a fertilized egg—no less, no more.”
and the real origins of the anti-abortion and discrimination against gay folks stuff

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