Men talk too much

Rebeccaa Solnitt, author and writer from San Francisco, coined the phrase mansplaining when she wrote about how men always seemed to be explaining things to her. She gives examples in articles and her book such as how a boorish man at a party who went on and on about this book refusing or not even hearing her and another woman when they told him that he was telling her about her own book. She had written the book that he was mansplaining . He did not believe them.

Now an Australian woman, Julia Baird talks about men and their endless monologues.

How to Explain Mansplaning


I think she was being much too polite about men mansplaining

Here is what i would have said, and yes, I know the title is wrong and I will likely be accused to being sexist for pointing out these society realities. Or  they will call me a bitch. Maybe you are just being too sensitive, dear.  Calm down. Smile. That’s a good boy.

Boy men, Peter Pan types, aka mama’s boys, you know those insecure little bullies in big boy pants, also known as a vocal minority of politicians, political leaders and business types, CEO’s, etc. just love to complain ad finitum ad nauseum  forcing us to listen to their opinions about women talking too much. Some do it more profusely online.  Insert foot into mouth, guys. How ironic.

There was even a song by Frankie Ford about how women talk too much back in 1960, “you talk about people, you can make me scream, you just talk too much.” Or they make jokes about women talking too much that are not really funny but expect everyone to laugh because of their male privilege.


You talk too much, you worry me to death

You talk too much, you even worry my pet

You just talk, you talk too much

You talk about people that you don’t know

You talk about people wherever you go

You just talk, you talk too much

You talk about people that you’ve never seen

You talk about people, you can make me scream

You just talk, you talk too much


Then there are the comments made when women dare to raise their voices, especially if and when they are powerful women in positions of leadership and authority that are breaking new ground, i.e., hillary clinton. how dare she think she can become president, you know. they comments about her voice. a woman’s voice is too loud, raucous, too soft, or too ahem too feminine for us to dare speak to people in public.

When we have the audacity to STAND UP for ourselves, our bodies, our health care, the voluminous sexual assaults men perpetrate upon women, well, then, we are told that men molest little boys or not all men assault women. Doctors, husbands, even rapists know better, pat pat on the head, don’t you worry your pretty little head about such things, we’ve got it covered, dear. And, oh by the way, it’s all your own fault if you dress, go to parties, and / or heaven forbid, go out in public and work. Equal pay for equal work, daycare, and birth control. You feminazi murderer of babies, you.

#‎EqualPay isn’t just an issue for working women – the gender pay gap extends into retirement. Women live longer and have less in retirement savings — and they have to get by on Social Security benefits that are considerably smaller than men’s.

Read more about the pay gap and Social Security at: #‎EqualPayDay

They’ve called reporting statutory rape “whiny,” claimed sexual assault victims have a “coveted status,” said the sexual assault epidemic is “not happening,” blamed feminism for encouraging sexual assault, and said attempts to curb sexual assault constitute “a war happening on boys.” #‎SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth

‘At its core, the movement cares more about the fruitless attempt to stop people from having sex than actually reducing the number of abortions.

‘Time to read this VERY important op-Ed in the New York Times by Delaware Governor Jack Markell titled “What States Can Do on Birth Control.”

if men breastfed babies


There is nothing to talk about here, either. Harriet Tubman being put on the twenty dollar bill brought out a bunch of misogynist and racist talk by Ben Carson who noted that she should be put on a two dollar bill that no one uses anymore, lots of debunked nonsense about white slaves, and criticisms about why not an important man.

Then there has been all of those pesky bathroom bills sold as protecting little women and children. Bills written by men who say that they want to protect and keep women and children from boogey men that do not exist except in the minds of homophobic bigots.   These bills discriminate against already much maligned and abused transgendered people. And were signed hastily to counteract a bill in Charlotte, North Carolina. The city passed an ordinance to ALLOW transgender folks to use the bathroom of their choice. The state legislature threatened them and then passed the law.

But hey, gay men dare to flaunt their sexuality and pride. They are much too feminine for real macho men’s taste. You know, those macho men who secretly want to sleep with other men and/or molest little boys. And for a man to want to be a woman, what is wrong with them. We don’t want them peeing in our rest rooms like normal folks.  And some blame it all on God or Jesus.

Bathroom bills: yet another attempt to use women as a shield for discrimination

If Jesus were to weigh in on this and other issues online and/or a public figure today, he likely would be labeled a fag, pansy, and/or libtard for all of his feminist and pacifist rhetoric. Plus, all of that touchy feely love thy neighbor stuff. And all of that talk about helping the poor, the widows and little children. He clearly encouraged people to feel entitled and / or supported their being dependent upon the government for clean air, water, food and shelter, not to mention livable wages. An outrage. Not a real man like Donald Trump.

Now, there are some men we would lot listen to, who wax on eloquently…

“Changing someone’s sexual orientation is simply not your business.

It’s out of your jurisdiction.

It’s way above your pay grade.

It’s far beyond your control.

“Stop spending so much time and energy trying to make gay people “not gay”—it isn’t going to happen.

Instead, try spending that time and energy, making:

hungry people not hungry,

hurting people not hurt,

lonely people not alone,

victimized people not victimized,

invisible people feel seen.

bullied people feel protected.

grieving people feel comforted.

“There are hopeless situations that you can step into, blessings you can provide, people you can care for, paths you can beautifully alter, healing you can accomplish, prayers you can answer, wounds you can mend, kindnesses you can extend—right now.

“The question is, do you really want any of that or are you married to this ultimately fruitless cause that is doing nothing real but damage?

The clock is ticking.

The sun is fading.

Time is wasting.

People are waiting.

Christian, do something worthy.”

“I know that the loudest voices often carry the greatest weight, and right now those voices speaking for my faith tradition are heavy on acrimony and painfully short on compassion. Those voices reek of bigotry and entitlement and manufactured martyrdom. They speak with cruelty and malice and malevolence—but they do not speak for me.

I absolutely don’t believe they speak for Jesus either.” 

Blasted are the Peacemakers…/04/20/blasted-are-the-peacemak…/…

You have been blabbering on for millennia expressing your opinions and making them into cultural norms, policies and laws. And just look where it has gotten us. Endless wars. You wrote the Bible, Old and New Testament. Ignored the Goddess and blamed Eve for Original Sin.

Would Fewer People Get Killed if More Police Officers Were Women? Men are 8x more likely to use excessive force

All your rhetoric boils down to is you blaming and punishing everyone, especially women, poor people and girly boys.

Now, Just shut up, man. Close your mouth, dude. And for God’s sake, She really wants you to THINK before you speak. Men and boys should be seen but not heard. It is our turn to speak now.



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