Birth of a New Year

Well, it has been an incredibly challenging year, to say the least.


And yesterday, I found out that this woman I’ve known for 40 years, who loved me relentlessly, who supported me even when I did not know or consciously want her support, who spoke truth no matter what, passed on the day after Christmas.  It snowed in Las Vegas on Christmas day and the day afterwards.


I was in Mesquite, NV and came to Vegas a few days ago. Drove to Laughlin, NV and Needles, CA yesterday.


Had a beautiful dream with Rannette Nicholas the other night. Now, I know, that we were saying goodbye to one another. I was in denial that she was passing on. And yet, I have been flooded with memories of her. Mingled with sadness and grief.  Happy that she is free of the pain and suffering and do not know how I will go on without her. And yet… I also want to honor her, pay tribute to her and all that she gave to me.


Because of Rannette Nicholas, I am a published writer, editor and PR person. She believed in me, valued me, and uplifted me and always supported my highest good in ways that sometimes I appreciated and other times I had difficulty with. She spoke her truth whether people liked it or not. And because of her I got to travel around the world and lead seminars and workshops (that she taught me how to do). She introduced me to my spirituality, my Higher Self, Lazaris, God, Goddess, All That Is, and alternative therapies, supplements and health products that changed my life and relieved 98% of my symptoms of fibromyalgia. Many things that I never would have even considered doing (going to John Roberts Powers modeling school, for instance) I did in my life because of Rannette Nicholas. She was the Light of My Life, the wind beneath my wings, and so much more. Her family can use a lot of prayers, support and Light. Thank you.

Her husband of 30 years needs all of the light, prayers and support you can muster.  Please share, donate, do what you can please.  Here is his request for support with medical and funeral expenses.  May you all be blessed. Thank you.



Keep singing this song by Carly Simon (Life is Eternal, Love is Immortal, Death is only a Horizon):




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Writer for Hire... CeliaSue Hecht has been published in more than 40 publications including top 100 newspapers and national magazines. She is a published travel writer and co-author of five romantic travel guides, originally from NYC, who has lived in Monterey, Burlingame (SF airport area) and Bodega Bay and will show you many local favorite hot spots, secret surprises and share insider's tips about writing travel stories along the way. She has taken a grand tour along the California coast to Ashland, Oregon with her wonder dog, Cici. Last summer, they went to Mendocino. She has traveled around the world and lived in Bangladesh, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Israel, Singapore and Thailand (as well as NYC, Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada).
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