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Ok, so it has been awhile since I  posted here.


If you have been following or participating in the empowering #yesallwomen, that erupted on Twitter and Facebook after the Isla Vista shootings, you just might find something here worth reading. There is a lot that I’ve gathered (links as evidence).  Just because of the #notallmen crowd so dig in.




Men truly are the weaker sex 

It seems that the #notallmen dudes are determined to compete, compare and beat women into submission just because they think they are exempt, not who women are talking about, and / or want to race us to the limelight to prove which gender is more harassed. These guys think that their harassment is much worse and seek to claim the prize for their own sad tales of abuse (as if it’ a prize). They desire to make the ladies look at their side of the story, because we women do not hear enough about the male point of view every day. Despite all facts and evidence to the contrary, they want us to believe that it is their gender who are the ones who are the most mistreated, harassed, abused and hated. Boo hoo hoo hoo for all the harassed bros out there.









Yes, they are right because all we read and hear about nowadays are that college men are being assaulted by hordes of drunk women who take advantage of them at frat parties. Plus these women rape their dates using drugs because they know that their male victims will not be believed in court because they cannot remember and make lousy witnesses. Those women see these slutty men walking around with bare chests and tight jeans. The men strut around provocatively, showing off their stuff, flirting and teasing the women so what are the gals supposed to do? Those guys are asking for it.


It is also (completely false) true that most men make less money than women for the same work, are ignored by society, have been raped, verbally attacked, groped, ogled, called names, threatened, sexually assaulted, domestically violated and murdered by people they know AND mass murdering women (just because men do not report or speak about these attacks means there are MORE male victims, dontcha know). Don’t be silly, everyone knows that the attacks against women including rapes and murders that happen every day (three deaths a day) and go unreported and are hushed up, treated like jokes are overexaggerated and prove that men have it so much worse than women just because men say so and #notallmen.

Of course, men saying so means that is the way it is despite statistics. The majority of female pundits on TV, females in Congress, female Presidents, female CEO’s, managers, directors, and others do not tell the truth. Then there are the divorced men whose lifestyles become devastated when they lose their spouse’s income plus have to deal with those deadbeat mothers who do not pay child support. Single again, they are afraid of walking alone at night, staying in their homes alone, and prefer to travel with other men, for safety reasons. And whenever they do venture out, all they hear are whistles and catcalls and propositions.

Some men are not aware of their terrible fate in life but sincerely, honestly, truly men have it much much worse than women. Men are the downtrodden class and have no privileges whatsoever. Just like white men are no better off than minorities.

Men are treated either like promiscuous gigolos or virtuous virgins by society. Men used to be considered the property of women and could not vote. Men could not get credit cards in their own names. Men are looked down upon, not taken seriously, nor believed nor do these women take NO for an answer. Male power is nonexistent. Everyone talks down to men, treats them like children (who should be SEEN and NOT HEARD), and laughs at them, threatens them, calls them names and addresses them as if they are just a pile of body parts or emotionally unstable crazy people. Because we all know that men truly are the weaker sex.


Some widely read women leaders and ministers say that men are just plain damaged. It must be that extra X chromosome or all of that testosterone that makes them sub-human. There are only two places that men should stay, cooking in the kitchen and with their clothes off in the bedroom. Makes for happier marriages and society.

All of those men out there working two full-time jobs, one paid and one unpaid at home doing housekeeping and child care duties and all of those single dads out there trying to juggle the roles of parent while putting bread on the table while making less money. It is a travesty.

And of course, men’s health care is in question all over the US. Laws are being enacted by mobs of women, making sure that men do not get Viagra, Cialis and  condoms because men cannot be without those. They are risking their very sex lives by speaking out and could die (of embarrassment).


The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Just the facts, ma’am

Just how often are women and men sexually harassed on the street?http://slate.me/1tFz8RO


On average, three women are killed in domestic violence incidents in the U.S. every day, according to the National Network To End Domestic Violence.


The Stop Street Harassment Organization released a report, concluding that 65 percent of women surveyed have experienced some form of street harassment. Specifically, 23 percent have been sexually touched and 20 percent have been followed.



If the men in your school can’t handle seeing perfectly normal and natural parts of a woman’s body, take it up with them, not the female students.

Women being held responsible for the actions of men is one of the more sinister forms of inequality still left virtually un-frisked in our country today. What is easiest on men cannot be the arbiter of how women receive rights, privileges, or codes.




 June 4, 1919, Congress passed the 19th Amendment and sent it the states for ratification!

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”









More than 70% of all elderly persons with incomes below the poverty level are women.


the power of words



yes, all men are part of the problem AND can be part of the solution



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