Made in the USA

Sensata in Freeport, Illinois

Personally, this breaks my heart.

Bain and Romney profit at expense of American workers, 170 families, who worked at plant, some for 40 years, are now out of a job… had to train their Chinese replacements, mostly women who will work for less than $1 an hour, for 12 hour shifts, with ONE day off a month.  How many American families have Bain and Romney destroyed for the sake of a few more million dollars (at the expense of American lives)?  thousands.

The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah, Mormon country, has endorsed President Obama.

so have the Florida and Denver, CO and Cleveland, Ohio newspapers

Obama is better for Wall Street, Main Street and Sesame Street. It’s time for Romney to go back to Easy Street where he came from.


Romney will destroy the middle class. Obama is committed to expanding the middle class.

You have to be blind, deaf, insane, bigot, clueless, a bully, and/or greedy to vote for Romney at this point.  How morally vacant, greedy and unpatriotic can Romney be???


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Writer for Hire... CeliaSue Hecht has been published in more than 40 publications including top 100 newspapers and national magazines. She is a published travel writer and co-author of five romantic travel guides, originally from NYC, who has lived in Monterey, Burlingame (SF airport area) and Bodega Bay and will show you many local favorite hot spots, secret surprises and share insider's tips about writing travel stories along the way. She has taken a grand tour along the California coast to Ashland, Oregon with her wonder dog, Cici. Last summer, they went to Mendocino. She has traveled around the world and lived in Bangladesh, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Israel, Singapore and Thailand (as well as NYC, Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada).
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