Binders full of women

HILARIOUS string of comments turning into a political site… LOL – Enjoy reading clever comments before they get removed…

My career was going nowhere. I was starting to wonder, as a single mother, whether I would ever be able to buy another assault rifle for my children. When I did find work, I found I was only making 50% of what men were making. Unable to reach my full potential of 72%, I was in despair. Then, I found this wonderful binder! Being in this binder enabled me to climb to 60% in wages! And I was able to leave work in time to have dinner ready. Thank you, Binder! Thank you!

I purchased this binder for my husband who wanted more variety in our marriage. I have to admit, being in a binder full of other women is much better than the vanilla folder he used to keep me in.

This binder saved our marriage.

My main issue with this product was the rings: the most recent incident I experienced, when several of us tried to get in all at once and then close the rings, they misaligned and caught on my blouse. It was really annoying because I had a lot of other mending to tend to already that night, what with darning the kids’ socks and sewing the button back on my husband’s “fat pants.” Ugh – the life of a mom! Tip for other women: try to get in just a few girls at a time, then close the rings, then flip the divider thingy over to the other side, then open the rings again for the next few girls to get in. Works much better that way – it’s an annoying workaround but it gets the job done.

And thank goodness for that workaround, because if I ruined one more set of heels getting into this binder my husband threatened to leave me, and I can’t afford to have my kids go out there and roam the streets like homicidal maniacs.








Not only does my wife sleep in this binder with the 12 chinese peasants we hired to run our car elevators and groom our dancing horse herd, but when the women are out working, this sucker does an incredible job clean already cleaned pots at a soup kitchen. Absolutely amazing. Runs a marathon in less than 3 hours also. Actually this binder is perfectly sized to put your etch-a-sketch on it while changing your mind about everything and anything.

American woman in Illinois, her job is being outsourced and she had to train her Chinese replacement worker…


In a recent marketing research study, the Wharton School of Business learned that 47% of all women prefer to be put in an Avery binder. Reasons given by the bindered women include: Roominess, the satisfying *snap* of the three rings when they are closed, and the non-offensive sterile monotony of the white cover. For that special little lady in your life this Christmas, stick her in an Avery binder and forget about it! Customer Reviews: Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032)

GOP sex police

“we have Obamacare to thank for pulling back the curtain to reveal the sex police standing at the levers of the GOP machine.”


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