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Health care isn’t a “privilege.” It’s a universal human right! Not that we agree with The Pope on everything, but even he says this is the case.

“Last night on 60 minutes Mitt Romney was questioned about health care. When asked if the government had a responsibility to care for the fifty million Americans who don’t have health insurance he replied,

Well, we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance, people — we– if someone has a heart attack, they don’t sit in their apartment and — and die. We — pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care.

“What Mr. Romney fails to understand is that there is a difference between acute health problems that require an emergency department and, well, the other 99% of medical care. It is true, due to EMTALA if you are uninsured and have a medical condition requiring emergency care that you will not be booted out of the emergency department. Medical professionals don’t look at your insurance card before pulling out the crash cart, so you are likely to get excellent emergency care regardless of your ability to pay.

“However, the 70-year-old stroke victim who needs physical therapy can’t get that in the ER.

“Neither can the two-year-old who needs feeding therapy.

“Or the 42-year-old woman who needs chemo for her breast cancer.

“Or the 47-year-old man who needs insulin for his diabetes.

“Or the 22-year-old who needs a Pap smear.

“Or the 6-year-old who needs an influenza vaccine.

…”That is why, Mr. Romney, I have seen and wept over women with breast cancers eroding through their skin. Something that could have been prevented by a mammogram and lumpectomy four years earlier. And I have wept over women with cervical cancers who bled to death for want of a Pap smear and a simple office procedure 5 years earlier.”


Random people’s responses:

Catherine   I did that once when I was uninsured. It took me two years to pay off that bill!

Matina   everytime you think he’s said the most stupid thing……….he says another stupid thing

Ronda   So I can send him the ER bills then, since this is his valid healthcare option for me? Noted.

David   Yes, because forcing people to go to the ER is MUCH cheaper than just making sure people have adequate healthcare, never mind about it being better for them to catch something before needing an ER as well. If you can’t think about the health of others, at least think about your damn wallet ya doorknobs because it will land you on the same spot.

Mick   That’s why so many long term poor owe money to the ER…they just have to keep owing the ER. I agree, just forkin’ wow.

Stu   I was told, now get this, because of Obama care that if you are ” brown ” you can go to the ER for free. I looked at her and said where do you come up with shit ?

Stephanie   I went to an emergency room once when I cut my hand. There was so many gunshot victims and major emergencies that I was alway told to keep waiting. I had put a towel around my hand so no one noticed how much I was bleeding…..eventually I passed out…
Julie The worst part about ER bills? The amount of money you’re charged by the physician who happens to be on call. My ER bills were dropped because I make so little money, but I still owe over $1,000 just in ER physician’s costs between two doctors who basically just looked at me and dismissed a serious knee injury as just a sprain. Bullshit!

Jessica   Spoken like somebody who has had insurance all of their adult life. Way to relate to the common folk Romney.

Joanna   This is why there’s so much waste. The cost of an emergency room visit is RIDICULOUS! and they don’t get to you until you’ve passed out from pain or just died.

Amanda   yeah, like waiting 7 hours for chest pains at the st josephs here in syracuse. and finally going somewhere else to be put on telemetry… because my postassium was below 1 and if i had just gone home like i had wanted i’d of been dead…

Nancy   That man has no heart. I wonder if he needs a transplant

Nikki   Yeah let’s have all the common colds head to the er and tie up all the docs so life threatening issues have to wait. Brilliant plan !

Joy   ERs are turning people away here in PHX, thanks to Gov. Brewer. And, I haven’t found it true about the wait at one hospital here – they have a chain and are known for being attentive, quick and accurate. County Hospital? No way, Jose!

Joe   yeah so all the taxpayers get the bill, what a joke

Lily  He’s lost his mind. Anyone in the health care industry knows this is not economically feasible.

Rhonda I’ve worked in an ER as a financial counselor for 5 years and I can tell you this statement shows how completely ignorant he is of the facts. The reality is that some people will just not go to the ER when they really need medical care for life threatening injuries and illnesses because they don’t want to lose their homes. People are forced to choose between getting medical care and feeding their families. Not to mention private hospitals can’t turn you away for EMERGENCIES but it’s up to the provider to decide if it’s URGENT OR EMERGENT and if they decide it’s not they don’t have to treat you. This is such a BS statement.

Joanna I’ve had two absolutely terrible experiences from ER visits. I think preventative care is what we all need.

Sue went to ER when I broke my wrist and finger… bill was $8,000 and I HAD NO INCOME… thought it was a mistake, could not be so much $$$$, it was… i applied for medi-cal/medicaid, denied why???? i had NO income… had to go to ER a couple of other times, no income, applied for medi-cal 3 times, denied denied denied… system is crazy

So, according to Mitt, poor people should let their polyps turn into cancer and then go to the emergency room only to find that nothing can be done for them. That’s what emergency room care as a health care option means! Mitt Romney’s response is priceless! If I do another face-palm over something this man says, I’m going to end up with a concussion.

“Romney’s efforts to limit emergency room care in Massachusetts were largely successful.

‘Six years after he signed health reform into law, visits to emergency rooms in Massachusetts are decreasing and the state has the highest rate of residents with health insurance.

“Dr. Somava Stout, who helps oversee primary care for the Cambridge Health Alliance, told CBS in June, “You have people who before would get their diabetic care in the emergency room who instead are coming into primary care, taking care of their diabetes, not ending up hospitalized every three or every four months. I mean it’s a huge difference.”



Not only is Mitt Romney making absurd health care statements on TV (suggesting on 60 Minutes that those without health insurance are okay, because they can go to the emergency room), he is also teamed up with a running mate who wrote the plan to end Medicare are we know it.

Paul ryan booed at aarp



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