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For those men and women who are voting for GOP/Romney because of the issue of abortion, you might wish to reconsider…

Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg Romney, has been discovered to have engaged in a contract with a surrogate mother with the stipulations that if the child being carried was not up to the Romney’s specifications, that the Romney family would have the final say if the child would be aborted or not.

It turns out Mitt paid for the whole thing, despite claiming to be anti-abortion.

Besides, banning abortions does not end abortions. it only ends LegalAbortions. #AntiChoice makes abortion dangerous, life threatening to real LIVE women, as does forcing wpmen to have babies (maternity deaths are 50th in the world, the higher the number, the more deaths)

Banning abortions KILLS the mother AND the unborn, not exactly

a Pro-life solution…


“It is worth challenging perspectives of abortion and choice as good/evil, either/or, all or nothing.  Regardless of what others have told you, candidates who believe choice is important are not evil.  Neither are your fellow citizens who vote for them.  Nor are choice-affirming communities of faith, or nonprofit organizations, or political parties.  If you have demonized others over the issue of abortion, it is time–for the sake of sanity, an ability to understand others and any prospect of speaking the truth in love–to reevaluate your perspective.

“In my decades of work with neighbors who are confronted with the choice to birth or abort, I have not encountered one evil person.  I have not talked with a single choice advocate who conveys a cheap view of life.  Few take abortion casually or dismiss its ethical implications.  Most choice advocates labor to make abortion as rare and safe as possible.  Though we may have disagreed—sometimes vehemently—over our views of abortion, I have not found people worthy of the demonic labels and dehumanizing stereotypes that have been heaped upon them.

“On the contrary, I have found those who advocate choice do so because of their genuine care for vulnerable women.  As much as an anti-abortion advocate expresses care for an unborn child, a choice advocate defends a woman’s ability to make considered choices about her body regarding reproduction and sexual activity.  As much as one may see abortion as robbing the life of an unborn child, a woman may feel her own life being used, taken over, and snuffed out by others.  The stories of girls and women who have been coerced into intercourse and sexually abused are real and persistent and many.  If evil is to be named in this context, it must include men who exploit women as sexual objects, who control them with threats of violence and compel unwanted sexual intercourse even within marriage.

“Make no mistake: to me, abortion is lamentable.  Whether it is necessary to save the life of a mother, induced after rape, because of unsustainable birth defects, or chosen because a pregnancy was perceived to be inconvenient, to me, at least, abortion is cause for soul-searching decision-making and not infrequently, grieving.  But so is the choice to take the lives other human beings, whether through the sanctioned violence of war, death-sentence executions, or withholding available life-giving resources in the face of hunger, disease, natural disasters or the inability to pay for health services.  Every preventable loss of human life sends shutters of grief through the human family.

A woman in UK is shocked women in USA do not get paid maternity leave, they get paternity paid leave, too… had to explain to her that women are not real people in the USA, only rich white men, fetuses and corps are,

Out of 190 countries only three offer no legal guarantee of paid maternity leave: Papua New Guinea, Swaziland & the USA

USA is decades behind other countries…

in Canada, system isn’t flawless, but its MUCH better than nothing. Moms get a year, dads 8 weeks

in usa, women get fired for having a baby… Sarah was fired for having a baby… twice…

“First, I was a temp at a heating/cooling service… I was the secretary… as soon as they found out, I was let go… The second time I was working at Kmart… I went into premature labor with my daughter at work, after being on bedrest for 8 weeks with doctors notes turned into my employer fully explaining what needed done, I delivered my daughter at 33 weeks… The day my doctor released me back to work, I called to be put back on schedule… With that phone call, they let me know I was terminated… That was almost 6 years ago before they changed the “time allowed for maternity leave” from 6 weeks to 3 months… KMart’s reasoning… I wasn’t there for an entire year… Who would be for $6/hour…”


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