Truth vs prefabricated hysteria

It started with this…

the seven phrases you can never say on MSNBC – because the hosts and commentators have called these seven phrases racist.

The racist seven: birth certificate, PGA Tour, American, welfare, law and order, Chicago, food stamps.

To which I replied:

read this and tell me it is not true

And a true believer aka Teabilly wrote:

Go see 2016 and you will understand the hysteria. All from Obama himself. Wake up folks!

To which I replied/refuted:

Are you saying the words Obama wrote and spoke, the men he surrounded himself by and emulated are racist fantasy? I wouldn’t believe Bill Maher if he came floating in on a cloud preceded by trumpets…he is a vile , racist…

Oops sent too soon…racist, woman hating big mouth buffoon with nothing to spew but hatred

Obama is adept at using his race to his favor in a country of white people seeking to heal old wounds for which none of us were responsible. What has he actually done for black Americans….nothing but higher poverty…he is spending us into poverty intentionally and bringing us down to where he thinks we should be in the world…an apologized nation…I have No issue with his race. I have issue with his policies which I knew but 2016 helps to explain to people who have no idea what is about to hit them, if he is re-elected

I simply believe that we need the lesser of two evils in this election to get our country back on track…and I believe that is the job creator. Not the Spender in Chief….the other issues will be insignificant when our economy collapses or we are ruled by the UN. Or perhaps China who owns our debt….

To which I sent:

to which she replied:

I’m sorry but you are going to have to find a better source than The Rolling Stone to convince me. As I said, I will take the lesser of the two evils…at this time, I see that to be the man who at least loves America and not the one who was raised in a church damning it! I will take the man who has created jobs in the past over the one who has destroyed them and sent them overseas. I will take the man who will drill for oil in our own vast resources and make us less dependent on those who hate and control us already, over the oine who shut down our ability to drill and instead sent our stimulus money aka our tax dollars off to Brazil and Argentina etc so that we can be their customers.

I will take the man who has at least a hint of what a budget looks like over the one whose administration has not passed one in over 3 years, while the laws of the land require one every year. I will take the man who will not bypass the laws of our lands and overlook Congress while telling law enforcement to ignore illgals who by the definition of the word are breaking our laws. And I will take the man who perhaps will not try to cram down our throats the biggest health care scam in history while knowing that 60 percent of our nation disapproved of it. Yes, I will take the ones who at least try to look and act like Americans!

to which I asked: hmmm, what does a real American look and act like (since it’s clear that she is not a racist, heh heh heh)…

her reply:

American Presidents should never go around the world apologizing for us being a great country. An American President should never bow to dictators of other countries. An American President should never brush off our allies and especially our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel. An American President should not chide us like small children that we should cut back, as his family takes trip after trip after trip on our dollar, flying in separate planes, sending the dog on a separate plane, etc. An American President in a bad economy should never have his buses built and outfitted in another country. An American President should not set up Czars who answer only to him and not to the American people. An American President should, well….I could go on and on and on ad nauseum, but I’ll stop there for now

Oh and an American looks like someone who has their hand over their heart during the National Anthem.

at which point I let her ignorance stand for ALL to see… no sense sharing facts with the blind…

This is what I would say to someone who actually wanting to engage in a two way conversation/discussion…not to someone in her own little world of prefabricated hysteria…

The $16 trillion debt is all Obama’s fault. He should’ve gone back in time and stopped Bush from invading Iraq for absolutely no reason.

frankly, I was fed up and going to vote for Roseanne Barr… was sick of Obama kowtowing to the GOP’s threats and policies and obstruction…

I have voted 3rd party before…

harry browne, ross perot…etc

met and worked for Ralph Nader, but decided NOT to vote for him

looked at Ron Paul, nope not for me

Obama ain’t perfect and given the GOP religious extremist racist sexist anti everyone except white rich guys platform, NO THANKS…

The Election of a Lifetime

“I reject the view that says our problems will simply take care of themselves; that says government has no role in laying the foundation for our common prosperity. For history tells a different story. History reminds us that at every moment of economic upheaval and transformation, this nation has responded with bold action and big ideas. In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry. From the turmoil of the Industrial Revolution came a system of public high schools that prepared our citizens for a new age. In the wake of war and depression, the GI Bill sent a generation to college and created the largest middle-class in history. And a twilight struggle for freedom led to a nation of highways, an American on the moon, and an explosion of technology that still shapes our world. In each case, government didn’t supplant private enterprise; it catalyzed private enterprise. It created the conditions for thousands of entrepreneurs and new businesses to adapt and to thrive.”

— President Barack Obama

People can and should argue about whether Obama’s successes have been worthwhile, whether they were ambitious enough, and whether they were effective, but whether one approves of the president or not, the fact remains the successes are real.

This is a president who passed a health-care reform breakthrough 100 years in the making. He also imposed the most sweeping Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression. Obama also rescued the economy from collapse, rescued the American auto industry, ended the war in Iraq, decimated al Qaeda and killed bin Laden, reformed the student loan system, ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” vastly improved fuel efficiency standards, helped topple the Gaddafi regime, negotiated the New START treaty, improved food safety protections, cracked down on credit card company abuses, expanded stem-cell research, and signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The Apology Tour

In his floor speech, Mr. Romney repeated his widely debunked charge that Mr. Obama had gone on an “apology tour” on America’s behalf …   But independent fact checkers have called the accusation a distortion, and it is hard to find evidence that Mr. Obama ever said he was sorry for the United States. Even in his speeches after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Obama offered a strong defense of American policies, including the war in Afghanistan, which was growing increasingly unpopular in the rest of the world.


the United States is now a net oil exporter. That’s right, we sell more oil than we take in but gas prices are still going up.  


In 2008, a black man was elected to the White House in a fair and open election. It was not a suspiciously close vote that required the conservative Supreme Court to stop a recount and give the election to the Republican candidate. The Democratic Party won a super majority in the Senate (but only for eight months) and a large majority in the House. 

A black man is president, GROW UP and GET OVER IT…

What did the “patriotic” right do? Immediately started to scream that it wasn’t fair and it wasn’t right and they wanted their country back. The GOP (ab)used the filibuster more than any other time in history, death threats against the president spiked and right-wing militias dramatically increased in numbers, along with foiled plots to start a revolution. Right Wing politicians started talking about secession and “second amendment remedies” and Rush Limbaugh stated, publicly and repeatedly, that he hoped Obama would fail.

It’s one thing to say you defend the, principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and quite another to do so.


GOP are disenfranchising poor Americans, seniors, African Americans, Latinos. It is called Voter Suppression because as some have admitted that they do NOT want Democratic, African Americans, minorities to vote… there has been very little voter fraud and there has MUCH obstruction of voters right to vote in Florida, Ohio, PA, etc.

“How will the American Presidential election be won in November 2012? By the Republicans buying the election? Perhaps. But money cannot always buy an election. That is why Republicans have spent the last 4-6 years passing a spate of voter suppression laws in “swing states” that will make it more difficult and costly for the young, the elderly, minorities, union members and single and elderly women to cast a vote for Barack Obama.

“…The nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice  at the New York University School of Law says that since the start of 2011, 16 states—which account for 214 electoral votes—have passed restrictive voting laws.

…What few critics seem to realize is that women—who constitute at least half of all these targeted groups and who vote more often than men—will be even more disenfranchised. Ever since 1980, African American women have been decisive in creating a gender gap that has helped elect Democratic Presidents. And in 2012, these women—in addition to single and elderly women—may be prevented from protecting Obama’s signature health care program, women’s reproductive rights, the right to abortion, funds for Planned Parenthood, and Social Security and Medicare—the very safety net that the Romney/Ryan Republican ticket has campaigned to eliminate or change in fundamental ways.

 VOTE IN NOVEMBER – if you need to know how to register, go to

Vote by absentee ballot— not required to have photo IDs…

“In 2000, then presidential candidate George W. Bush sought twice to shut down the satirical Web site, commenting, “There ought to be limits to freedom,” as well. Then, when silencing the opposition fails, Jeb Bush stepped in to help his brother George by ordering a purge of voter rolls that targeted minority voters. Since then, Republicans have expanded their efforts to suppress minority votes nationwide, and moved on to more direct attempts to suppress the voter turnout.

“…From the hollow rhetoric of “job creators” used to deny society the right to formulation of policy that humanely provides for its impoverished and elderly, and the appearance of collusion between the judiciary and Republicans to undermine legislation, through the contrived perversion of rights in “right to work” and “right to life” that seeks to limit the rights of people to live life as they choose, reactionaries have never been the champions of our rights and liberties. Today’s Republicans stand firmly opposed to the rights of the people, just as reactionaries have throughout our history, and dare not be truthful about their motives. When stripped bare of its pretense, their single motivation can only be subjugation of popular will to an ideology of dominance under their plutocratic rule.” 

“America has enemies. Not just abroad, but within our shores as well. And our domestic enemies, as it turns out, are MORE dangerous and destructive than the terrorists could ever hope to be. Because while the terrorists want to destroy us, the following people and their organizations are doing far more damage.”

We are a convention that really looks like America.” – Alice Germond (DNC Secretary)

Everyone is represented!! Now THAT is America!

Economic patriotism…

THIS is what patriotism LOOKS like…

one of the best lines in Michelle Obama’s amazing speech. “he believes that when you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity…you do not slam it shut behind you…you reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.”

all of Romney’s and Ryan’s lies have been refuted time and time again …

Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

‎”Are you better off now?…” Yes – my family is. I got a couple raises, my daughter got a BIG raise, my husband got several raises, our income taxes are slightly lower, my 401K that plummeted during THE BUSH DEBACLE have quadrupled, and my credit card interest rates have been lowered. Thanks President Obama, for stopping this country from continuing on it’s downward Bush-led spiral.

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

– Michelle Obama

Full text at

“… federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since President Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.” The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch

“[Romney’s claim] is utterly false. The truth is that spending has slowed markedly under Obama.” Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post

“Obama’s budget plans to bring spending down to 22.5 percent of GDP in 2016—which is about where it was in the Reagan years… “ Ezra Klein of The Washington Post

The truth is, the President’s supposed “spending binge” is nothing but a myth, repeatedly debunked by independent fact checkers. Federal spending growth has actually been slower under President Obama than under any other president since Dwight Eisenhower.

President Obama has a plan to reduce the deficit by over $4 trillion, cutting federal spending while still making critical investments in education, innovation, infrastructure, and clean energy. It’s a balanced and responsible approach to creating an economy built to last.

“When it comes to which political party is best for the American economy, it’s not the GOP. It’s not even close.

“As the historical record shows, from economic growth and job creation to stock market performance and just about every other indicator of the health of American capitalism, the modern U.S. economy has almost always done better under Democratic presidents. Despite GOP mythology to the contrary, America generally gained more jobs and grew faster when taxes were higher (even much higher) and income inequality lower.

We frequently hear from republicans that our President hasn’t kept any of his promises. It is important that you have accurate information to address individuals who make this claim. So, we will continue to provide factual information for you to hold and use when needed. Let’s get started with a few.

1. KEEPING HIS WORD: Creating Manufacturing Jobs


3. KEEPING HIS WORD: Supporting Teachers

4. KEEPING HIS WORD: Health Coverage for Young Americans

5. KEEPING HIS WORD: Hate Crime Legislation

6. KEEPING HIS WORD: Lowering the Cost of Medicare Prescriptions

7. KEEPING HIS WORD: Credit Card

8. KEEPING HIS WORD: Community College Partnership

9. KEEPING HIS WORD: Women’s Health

10. KEEPING HIS WORD: Extending Unemployment Insurance

11. KEEPING HIS WORD: Early Childhood Education

12. KEEPING HIS WORD: Five million kids with pre-existing conditions can now get coverage thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare)


“His specialty was flipping companies—or what he often calls “creative destruction.”

“…His formula was simple: Bain would purchase a firm with little money down, then begin extracting huge management fees and paying Romney and his investors enormous dividends.

“The result was that previously profitable companies were now burdened with debt. But much like the Enron boys, Romney’s battery of MBAs fancied themselves the smartest guys in the room. It didn’t matter if a company manufactured bicycles or contact lenses; they were certain they could run it better than anyone else.

“Bain would slash costs, jettison workers, reposition product lines, and merge its new companies with other firms. With luck, they’d be able to dump the firm in a few years for millions more than they’d paid for it.

“But the beauty of Romney’s thesis was that it really didn’t matter if the company succeeded. Because he was yanking out cash early and often, he would profit even if his targets collapsed.

“Which was precisely the fate awaiting Georgetown Steel.

…”When Bain Capital took over, it seemed like everything was being neglected in our plant,” Sanderson says. “Nothing was being invested in our plant. We didn’t have the necessary time to maintain our equipment. They had people here that didn’t know what they were doing. It was like they were taking money from us and putting it somewhere else.”

History would prove him correct. While Georgetown was beginning its descent to bankruptcy, Romney was helping himself to the company’s treasury.

…one of Romney’s companies, American Pad & Paper, bought a plant in Marion, Indiana. At the time, it was prosperous enough to be running three shifts.

Bain’s first move was to fire all 258 workers, then invite them to reapply for their jobs at lower wages and a 50 percent cut in health care benefits.

“They came in and said, ‘You’re all fired,'” employee Randy Johnson told the Los Angeles Times. “‘If you want to work for us, here’s an application.’ We had insurance until the end of the week. That was it. It was brutal.”

“… the Marion plant closed just six months after Bain’s purchase. The jobs were shipped to Mexico.

“…The Kansas City mill closed for good; 750 people lost their jobs. Worse, Romney had shorted their pension fund by $44 million. The feds were forced to cover the difference, while workers saw their benefits slashed in bankruptcy court.

“The battered Georgetown plant and the foundries in Arizona and Minnesota ultimately were bought out of bankruptcy by new companies. Their workforces were halved.

‘Still, Romney walked away unbruised. All that debt was technically GSI’s, not Bain’s. Because he’d repaid himself and his investors just months after the purchase, Romney pocketed millions for running the company into the ground.

“…This was the beauty of Romney’s racket. Even if he killed a company—and he tended to kill them fairly often—he still made out, leaving others to take the hit.

The Parasitic Capitalist

“On the campaign trail, Romney describes his work at Bain as resurrecting distressed companies. In this version, he’s the white knight lifting troubled firms from the precipice of failure.

“Private equity companies like Bain rarely buy anything but profitable firms for one compelling reason: The patient must be healthy enough to be force-fed all that debt. So it’s something of a misnomer for Republican opponents to slur him as a “vulture capitalist.”

“Romney is not a vulture capitalist, as Rick Perry says, since vultures eat dead carcasses,” notesJosh Kosman, who has written about the private equity business for 15 years. He’s “more of a parasitic capitalist, since he destroys profitable businesses.”

‘…in January, The Wall Street Journal did its best to piece together Romney’s track record, reviewing 77 investments made under his direction. It turned out that nearly one in three of the companies experienced severe financial trouble. One in five wound up in bankruptcy.

“The more telling figure: Of Romney’s 10 biggest moneymakers, he ultimately destroyed four of them, leaving bankruptcy judges to clean up the mess.

“As Foster sees it, Romney was an early pioneer of gaming the system. It would take another decade before large banks used many of the same principles to detonate the mortgage industry.

“The great irony is that his entire management experience at Bain Capital is buying companies and loading them up with debt and then looting the balance sheet,” Foster says. “It’s the very model that drove the American economy off the cliff then left other people to manage the wreckage.”

The Job Assassin

“…But if Romney played the friendly politician, kindness wasn’t his specialty at Bain. Rewarding CEOs with huge bonuses, he was generous to ranking executives. Yet he tended to treat those below his pay grade as little more than machinery.

“…Even Kaplan admits that private equity firms rarely create jobs. Workers are seen as costs, and costs are the enemy. According to Kosman, Romney was in truth among the most heinous job-killers of them all.

“…the Associated Press, which studied 45 companies bought by Bain during Romney’s first decade. It found that 4,000 workers lost their jobs. The real figure is likely thousands higher, since the analysis didn’t account for bankruptcies and factory and store closings.

“…An example of Romney’s cold-blooded approach is his 1994 purchase of Dade International, an Illinois medical-equipment company. He soon merged it with two similar firms, a move that tripled sales.

“Once again, he couldn’t help but raid the vault, peeling away $100 million for himself and investors at the same time Dade was laying off 1,700 American workers.

“After Bain closed a Dade plant in Puerto Rico, human-resources manager Cindy Hewitt was asked to lure a dozen of those employees to work in the company’s Miami factory.

“But that plant soon closed as well. Although Romney was gobbling up millions, Bain still wanted those laid-off employees to repay their moving costs.

“They were treated horribly,” Hewitt told The New York Times. “There was absolutely no concern for the employees. It was truly and completely profit-focused.”

“…Even a company Romney cites as one of his greatest achievements—Steel Dynamics, where he was a minority investor—was practically launched by corporate welfare. Indiana taxpayers gave the firm $77 million to open a plant. Residents of DeKalb County actually had their income taxes raised solely to help Romney and his friends.

“Tad DeHaven calls it “theft and redistribution.”

“He’s no yammering Trotskyite; DeHaven is a former budget adviser to Republican U.S. senators Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. Yet he notes that firms like Bain often get governments to subsidize their raiding parties.

“The feds take $100 billion a year from everyday taxpayers and send it straight to companies like Romney’s, says DeHaven, who now works for the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank.”

More Facts:

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz cautioned, “The Romney plan is going to slow down the economy, worsen the jobs deficit, and significantly increase the likelihood of a recession.”

the unemployment rate has steadily (if slowly) declined under Obama as opposed to skyrocketing under the conservative policies that the right pretends didn’t cause the crash in the first place. 

Romney’s hit men at Bain capital

company destroyers, outsourcer of jobs



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