GOP Rape Women

Routinely, Rhetorically, Financially, Socially, Legislatively and Culturally

i think for most women the subject of rape is very personal… and esp. so for women who have been sexually abused, molested and/or raped… and KNOW that being deeply VIOLATED is VIOLENCE against their very existence as a Legitimate person…

GOP refuse to pass Fair Pay Act for women… refusing to pass Violence Against Women Act… and more…

and their response to Todd Akin was swift…

so I spent today imagining what would have happened if I had become pregnant at age 13 when I was raped by my first boyfriend.

growing up we heard all about the dangers of the peeping toms, perverts on the bike path and subways… the bums and mentally ill… but no one warned us about the danger of unscrupulous neighbors, teachers or boyfriends.

oh we did not call it rape, i felt raped, it was forced, i had never had a boyfriend before and did not know what to do with his constant insistent demands.  i just wanted a boyfriend…i had no interest in sex…i felt violated.  i did not want to do it but felt i had no choice.and it did not occur to me to say NO… could not say NO… I avoided, dreaded, shied away from being alone with him…

i was curious but only wanted to kiss and hold hands…hated it when he touched me. had NO interest in touching him. it was horrifying, humiliating, embarassing and I could tell NO ONE what happened…

at age 11, i was still playing with dolls and sucking my thumb…

i lie there frozen praying for it to be over soon…just like when my mother used to beat me… it hurt so bad I wanted to die…

so if i had become pregnant, abortions were not legal then so I would have had an illegal abortion and could have died… or i would have had a child, dropped out of school and who would have taken care of the baby????

it would have changed my entire life.

maybe i would not have gone to college. nor become a writer.

any man who has not gone thru a terror of this nature has NO right to tell women about rape and abortion nor should be allowed to make decisions for women about their health care and well being.  Period. End of Story.

32,000+ women become pregnant every year after being raped…

“Being violently coerced into having sex was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, so I take comfort in knowing it wasn’t actually rape,” Byars said of the vicious encounter in which she was accosted in an alleyway by a stranger, pinned to the ground, and penetrated against her will for 25 minutes. “It was absolutely horrific—I felt violated in the worst way imaginable—but thanks to Congressman Akin, I now realize it must, at some level, have been consensual after all.”

“Thank God for that,” Byars added. “I’m so relieved to know that my child’s father, the man who muffled my screams as he forcefully penetrated me over and over and left me hemorrhaging to death on the street, is not a rapist.”,29258/

Andy Borowitz

The War on Women may have been lost by a dick in Missouri.

and oh by the way… Akin is out and Ryan is still in

and there is NO daylight between Ryan and Akin and GOP…

as we all know all rapists and fertilized eggs deserve more rights than the illegitimate ho’s and sluts aka women who are born without that important thing that has to be medicated to perform because all those illegal people are having too many (black) babies) who rich white people cannot possibly be expected to feed, house, educate nor care for in any way…but Must Force them to have….

the next thing you know, dems/libs/muslim socialists will say that most/many homeless women were sexually abused as if that is an excuse for not having a home or a job… and despite rich white folks having 5 extra vacant homes for each homeless person in the usa… we must not coddle their lazy sexually abused asses and must keep making them have those crack babies as punishment for their illegal ways…

Statistically speaking, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be raped in their lifetime. Due to the under-reporting of sexual assault, this number could be much higher — and yet we have political candidates throwing around phrases like “legitimate rape” and looking to get rid of institutions like Planned Parenthood. Because that makes total sense.

The Physicians for Life site quotes 3 sources, only one is original research. The one article was authored by Goth and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 1977 (yes, 1977) and in NO WAY SUPPORTS THE NOTION THAT RAPES ARE RARE OR THAT THE STRESS RESPONSE LOWERS THE PREGNANCY RATE. It is an article about sexual dysfunction among rapists. Put another way, the Physicians for Life have not provided a single published article to support their claims. Interestingly, Physicians for Life also promote the long disproven claim that abortion causes breast cancer.

There are obvious difficulties in studying rape outcomes as “only 16 to 38% of rape victims report the rape to law enforcement, and only 17 to 43% present for medical evaluation after rape; one-third of victims of rape never report the assault to their primary care doctor.” (NEJM  2011). However, a scientific estimate (i.e. from research) is between 25,000 and 32,000 pregnancies from rape a year in the United States (American Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology 1996 and American Journal of Preventative Medicine 2000).

Just to put those numbers into perspective, about 22,000 women a year in the United States develop ovarian cancer. No one thinks that’s rare. About 32,000 American women get melanoma every year (American Cancer Society, 2012). No one thinks that’s rare either.

According to the current medical evidence, pregnancy resulting from rape is not rare. There is also no research to back up the asinine belief that rape induced “psychic trauma” prevents pregnancy.

Rachel Maddow


All told, 92 anti-abortion restrictions were passed throughout the country last year, an all-time record; AUL can claim credit for 24 new laws. So far in 2012, 17* laws promoted by AUL or based on its model legislation have been passed. Invasive vaginal ultrasounds inVirginia? That was AUL’s bill. Trying to shut down all the abortion clinics in Kansas? That was AUL, too.

Contraception, Abortion, and Black Genocide

In the statistics above, take a moment to notice the difference between the mortality of white infants vs. black infants. The difference there is that blacks historically have had much more limited access to prenatal care. The GOP is deliberately cutting poor women off from prenatal care, and yet the right wing claims that Planned Parenthood and pro-choice advocates are knowingly and deliberately attempting to practice genocide on blacks.

…The hypocrisy of those who call themselves “pro-life” in deliberately and systematically attempting to ensure more pregnancies, yet withhold adequate care, privilege the fetus’s health above that of the mother, and treat adult women as incompetents before the law in making decisions concerning our health and bodies — THAT’S ANTI-LIFE!!!


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