Not all Christians buy ChickafullHate

Hiding bigotry behind greasy chicken sandwiches, the Bible and what God supposedly said and meant is not for ALL Christians…

in fact, some Christians do NOT abide by, even abhor, and are speaking OUT against cherry picking and misinterpretations of the Bible and God’s so called words.

I would venture to say that a vast majority of Christians DO NOT subscribe to the right wing’s version of Christianity…

Diverse groups of Christians do not believe that CFA’s stance on gay marriage and discrimination against gay people is biblical… and in fact, think it is anti-God and anti-Bible…

just for fun…NO Sin For You !!!!


The Christian left  (92,000)


To follow Jesus by taking actions on behalf of the oppressed, the sick, the hungry, the poor, the incarcerated, the lonely, the disabled, the mentally ill, the mistreated, the war-torn, and the weak.

from the Christian left… homosexuality isn’t a sin. Saying it is, is taking the Lord’s name in vain.

If you want to call homosexuality a sin, go ahead. But you are going to have to admit that it is not Biblically a sin. Which means you are also going to have to admit that you are calling it a sin simply because that’s what you want to do. Because of that, you are going to have to admit that you are a sinner for using God’s name for false pretenses (it’s a little thing we like to call using God’s name in vain). And then, Paul has something to tell you, ‘…you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, are doing the very same things.’ (Romans 2:1).”


Christians for change  (10,000)


We’re tired of Christianity being hijacked by the right wing. Our goal is to expose hypocrisy and be a credible, new voice for progressive Christians

Rogue people of many religions

‎”According to the OC Weekly, Rev. Haverson is the Pastor of Fairview Community Church, which is affiliated with the American Baptists and the United Church of Christ. The church is welcoming and inclusive of all people, including LGBT identified.

In response to Dan Cathy’s remarks she told the OC Weekly:

“It’s heartbreakingly sad to see people using the Bible and Christian rhetoric to make people feel like they don’t belong in God’s House.”


A gay christian normal guy, powerful

Christianity is not found in a fast food joint such as Chick-Fil-A. It also does not reside in en masse hate, wherein only in large numbers can bigotry flourish. Christianity is found in small, barely noticeable deeds that are carried out on a daily basis and, preferably, in anonymity.  Christianity is about taking care of the least amongst us, rather than looking for platforms where we can feel superior to others.

Marriage licenses are issued by the state, not the church. No religion is necessary for a marriage to be legal, valid or recognized.


…This isn’t about Jesus. I have a lot of Christian friends. Most of them are of the liberal variety, it’s true, but even this concept seems lost on some of you. Most of them are pro-LGBT rights. Pro-gay and Pro-Christ are NOT mutually exclusive. They never have been, in the history of Christianity, though it’s been difficult at times. It’s not impossible to be both.

Lets define a few terms:

• Bigotry – stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that is different or excludes one’s own.

• Oppression – the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.

• Rights – a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral  or a legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth, justice, morality, or ethics.

…I see no reason to deprive the privilege of a State recognized civil union from anyone who has been granted that privilege nor to persecute or belittle those with whom I disagree. Homosexuality is not a disease that you catch nor is it the consequence of indoctrination or abuse; that it is something one is simply born being is not something I find unreasonable or without evidence.

Whatever the result, I don’t get to invalidate love, affection and commitment because of the object, I don’t get to be a cleric of dehumanization. I fail if the actualization of my convictions produce fear in anyone or marginalize the feelings of any human being. Furthermore, tolerance is not about accepting everyone’s view as equally valid, that’s a postmodern proposition that deconstructs intelligible society altogether, but rather about accepting everyone’s right to differ without the fear of persecution or retaliation. That is the essence of a free society and civil discourse, and if we capitulate to intellectual and philosophical fascism of any kind and from any corner, then we relinquish our birthright as Americans and become the property of the State instead of it’s owners.We fail as a society if we allow doctrinal commitments to justify the mistreatment or degradation of another human being. And the legislation of ideological purity strikes me as more reminiscent of National Socialism than Constitutional Republicanism.


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