Tax the rich

Andy Borowitz ‏@BorowitzReport

BREAKING: Romney Claims Dog Ate Tax Returns and Ran Bain Capital for Three Years

For over three years, the far right wing of the Republican party has taken Obama’s refusal to produce his long term birth certificate as PROOF that he was born in Kenya. (Despite this from in 8/21/2008 -“ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.”)

Since Romney hasn’t released his tax returns then these claims listed here, must also be true.

You say this is not true? PROVE IT!

2010 documents missing key components

we realize that Ann Romney is used to bossing servants around.  Her only job experience. But where do they get off being so arrogant?  both the Romneys am talking about…

hate to tell you but we are NOT your serfs.

I don’t care if Ann Romney was talking to the press or the American people. She does not understand if her husband wants to be a public servant, we are his prospective employers, they do not know their place

if your apply for a job in the USA, and your employer wants to do a background check, then if you do not comply, you do not get the job.

John McCain saw Romney’s tax returns and thought Sarah Palin was a better choice for VP, what the heck does that tell you???

I realize Romney thinks the rules do not apply to him and that Ann thinks her husband is King but guess what sweetheart, maybe it is time to get out of your cadillac and million dollar home car elevator and wake up to the real world… /reality

“This pattern is painfully clear in Romney’s career and economic plans. What Romney can’t handle is the fact that the rest of us have noticed. Are we supposed to believe Romney’s penchant for vulture capitalism would suddenly disappear if he becomes president?”

still true, song parody, you’re so bain, mitt…

We’re not about to elect a secretive, lying, dog/horse abusing, bully, evasive, arrogant sociopath… GET OVER YOURSELVES…

Dog on the Roof


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One Response to Tax the rich

  1. Evan Stevens says:

    Ever seen what they do to horses to make them “dance” like that? Look for that treatment to be outlawed sometime.

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