You’re so Bain, Mitt


song parody LOL… did he really think that he was going to get away with all of this?  oh Mitt, you’re so, Bain…

Mitt in 1998 Invested Millions in Chinese Firm that Profited from Outsourcing US Jobs

“These days, Romney rails against China for swiping American jobs and proclaims, “For me, it’s all about good jobs for the American people.” But when there was money to be made by acquiring a chunk of a Chinese company that aimed to displace American manufacturers (and American workers), Romney’s patriotism did not interfere with the potential for profit.”

Chinese workers Hail Romney’s Record as Job Creator in China

Rachel Maddow did a segment about Romney in charge at Bain, revealed that he earned more than $100K a year for “doing nothing” at Bain after 1999, 2000, 2001

“Now he’s being forced to effectively tell the public, “Sure I was the CEO of my own firm, and sure I was paid handsomely, and sure I filed formal documents that said I was in charge, but don’t worry, the buck stops somewhere else.”

and then there is her series on Mitt’s mendacity

“SEC documents show that Romney was in charge of the Boston-based company from 1999 to 2001, the period in which Bain outsourced jobs and ran companies that fell into bankruptcy. Romney says he was at the head of the company as it transitioned to new ownership but did not manage it.”

Mitt’s alleged Ponzi scheme partners

what is ironic about Mitt hanging out with Dick Cheney now… um, hate to be the one to clue you in, Mitt but the American people REJECTED Bush/Cheney, Mitt in 2008… Maddow called it… Mitt + Dick = Love… oooh, I call it Tainted Love (song)… dysfunctional GOP at its worst…

Obama has a new ad with Mitt singing… would love to hear Obama sing, You’re so Bain…,0,4220842.story


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