Healthcare or Wealthcare?

Shhhhh… dirty little secret the GOP do not want you to know… neither do the pharmaceutical and insurance industries who they represent… (when in doubt FOLLOW THE MONEY)…

The health care industry in other countries focuses on Care of the Sick… while health care in America focuses on PROFIT for the industry…not on taking care of people

There is nothing wrong with profit… except when Money comes before people’s health and Profit making actually harms people. Then it is immoral, unethical and unconscionable.

This is a complex issue that cannot be dismissed or discussed in sound bytes. And what is at stake is the Soul of America. Do we want to continue to have a country by and for the wealthy elites (white men) 1% or do we want a country that is by and for the American people, the 99%. We cannot have it both ways which the info below makes clear.

Our politicians are bought and paid for. Big corporations spend millions/billions of dollars on policial campaigns and issues such health care to convince gullible people that whatever they want US to think is right and true blue American. As long as money drives politicians (corporations and/or billionaires buy Congress people on both sides of the aisle through lobbyists and campaign contributions), our government virtually ignores the interests of the rest of us. Some pay lip service to us but when all is said and done, for the most part, we the people are UNDERrepresented. And bills and policies about various issues such as health care are evidence of that.

Some back story that I think is important. There has been a struggle for power going on in America for many years. And now it seems that the southern (shall rise again) (and western) elite have trumped the northern Yankee elite. The two have vastly different definitions of liberty as outlined in the article below.  Basically, the southern elite think and act like corrupt Barbadian slave lords whereas the New England Yankees

“…For most of our history, American economics, culture and politics have been dominated by a New England-based Yankee aristocracy that was rooted in Puritan communitarian values, educated at the Ivies and marinated in an ethic of noblesse oblige (the conviction that those who possess wealth and power are morally bound to use it for the betterment of society). While they’ve done their share of damage to the notion of democracy in the name of profit (as all financial elites inevitably do), this group has, for the most part, tempered its predatory instincts with a code that valued mass education and human rights; held up public service as both a duty and an honor; and imbued them with the belief that once you made your nut, you had a moral duty to do something positive with it for the betterment of mankind. Your own legacy depended on this.

“Among the presidents, this strain gave us both, John F. Kennedy, andRoosevelts, Woodrow Wilson Poppy Bush — nerdy, wonky intellectuals who, for all their faults, at least took the business of good government seriously. Among financial elites, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet still both partake strongly of this traditional view of wealth as power to be used for good.”

“(Now)…The wealthy and powerful are free to abuse employees, break laws, destroy the commons, and crash the economy — without ever being held to account.

“…As long as America runs according to the rules of Southern politics, economics and culture, we’re no longer free citizens exercising our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we’ve always understood them. Instead, we’re being treated like serfs on Massa’s plantation — and increasingly, we’re being granted our liberties only at Massa’s pleasure. Welcome to Plantation America.”

Now that we have that context in mind, let’s go back to discussing health care in America and the fuss about repealing it from the right/GOP.

Remember that Obamacare makes sure that no one who can actually afford to be insured will freeload off the rest of us which SHOULD be something that the GOP would be in favor of.

Who are the Governors in these states (Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, NJ, Iowa, Utah, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, South Dakota) serving?

56% of Americans say the GOP should concentrate other national problems instead of trying to block the health care law.

If you subscribe to the notion that the southern/western elites are not concerned about the poor and middle class (several members of Congress when asked about how they would replace Obamacare after they repeal it said the uninsured were not the issue, meaning we do not care about millions of American lives). They have said in so many words, all they really care about is getting Obama, an African American, OUT of the White House.

How does this agenda impact the American people and our health care system?   Below are ways our profit driven system has negatively impacted us.  Despite the GOP saying that we have the BEST system in the world, we are NOT.  For instance, people in other countries live longer than we do and have a lower infant mortality rate.

Below is what some people think and have said when comparing America to other countries who have universal health care…

I’ve dealt with both the Canadian system and ours. I would take theirs any day. To not worry constantly about seeing a dr., getting meds etc was wonderful. The ones here saying its terrible haven’t a clue

Susan Those who “claim” to know people are likely lying or perpetuating a rumor(s) of lies. I can only speak for myself but having lived abroad, have friends from around the world and one of my son’s studied abroad in Japan and Australia. They all can attest their nonprofit universal health insurance systems that they all pay into, are systems they wouldn’t trade for all our fragmented systems, especially our exploitive private health insurance system. My son is a Type 1 diabetic and received better and more efficient care in Japan and Australia as compared to this country.
Beatriz   I’m a dual citizen and lived in Canada for many years. I will take Canada’s Universal Healthcare any day over our for profit healthcare system.

Other countries have “Healthcare” systems, we have a “Health-Insurance” system.

“In 2009, Americans spent $7,960 per person on health care. Our neighbors in Canada spent $4,808. The Germans spent $4,218. The French, $3,978. If we had the per-person costs of any of those countries, America’s deficits would vanish. Workers would have much more money in their pockets. Our economy would grow more quickly, as our exports would be more competitive.

“…Americans don’t see the doctor more often or stay longer in the hospital than residents of other countries. Quite the opposite, actually. We spend less time in the hospital than Germans and see the doctor less often than the Canadians.

“…Americans are paying higher prices than residents of other developed countries. Usually, we’re paying quite a bit more. The exception is cataract surgery, which appears to be costlier in Switzerland, though cheaper everywhere else.

“Prices don’t explain all of the difference between America and other countries. But they do explain a big chunk of it. The question, of course, is why Americans pay such high prices — and why we haven’t done anything about it.

“…In countries such as Canada and Britain, prices are set by the government. In others, such as Germany and Japan, they’re set by providers and insurers sitting in a room and coming to an agreement, with the government stepping in to set prices if they fail.

“In America, Medicare and Medicaid negotiate prices on behalf of their tens of millions of members and, not coincidentally, purchase care at a substantial markdown from the commercial average. But outside that, it’s a free-for-all. Providers largely charge what they can get away with, often offering different prices to different insurers, and an even higher price to the uninsured.

“…Health care is an unusual product in that it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, for the customer to say “no.”

“… It is not like buying a television, where you can easily comparison shop and walk out of the store, and even forgo the purchase if it’s too expensive. And imagine what you would pay for a television if the salesmen at Best Buy knew that you couldn’t leave without making a purchase.

“…sellers of health-care services in America have considerable power to set prices, and so they set them quite high. Two of the five most profitable industries in the United States — the pharmaceuticals industry and the medical device industry — sell health care. With margins of almost 20 percent, they beat out even the financial sector for sheer profitability.

“…The 2010 health-reform law does little to directly address prices. It includes provisions forcing hospitals to publish their prices, which would bring more transparency to this issue, and it gives lawmakers more tools and more information they could use to address prices at some future date. The hope is that by gathering more data to find out which treatments truly work, the federal government will eventually be able to set prices based on the value of treatments, which would be easier than simply setting lower prices across-the-board. But this is, for the most part, a fight the bill ducked, which is part of the reason that even its most committed defenders don’t think we’ll be paying anything like what they’re paying in other countries anytime soon.

There is much disinformation, downright lies and distractions going on… NOISE… to keep us from the Truth… and the TRUTH can SET US FREE.


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