Obamacare is good for women

Obamacare is good for women and children… being a woman is NO longer a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies can no longer charge women MORE for health insurance.

There is a lot of rampant misinformation being put forth about Obamacare by the right wing… so here are some FACTS… and truthful info…




Obamacare makes sure that no one who can actually afford to be insured will freeload off the rest of us.


with Thursday’s ruling, the government CANNOT mandate that you carry insurance, it can only levy a small fee on those who don’t. The real-world impact of that? Only an estimated 1 percent of the population will face the fee – a fee that maxes out at 1 percent — and it may not even be enforceable!


  1. You won’t be forced to have healthcare insurance.

Contrary to popular opinion, you won’t be forced to purchase insurance, because you won’t be “penalized” for failure to do so. If you decide you’d rather not pay for health insurance, you’ll be taxed not one penny above what you would pay had you bought insurance. Many taxes like this already exist. You won’t be jailed or otherwise punished if you don’t buy insurance. The government is merely incentivizing those who do purchase it. If you aren’t covered through your employer, or you can’t afford health insurance, the government will subsidize you.

    2. The federal government will not take over the insurance industry.

Another basic myth surrounding the ACA is that it represents the federal takeover of health insurance companies. The ACA is NOT universal health care coverage for all provided by the federal government. It’s far from it. The ACA actually creates incentives for private health insurance companies to compete more and offer better quality, more affordable care. This will occur at the state level, not at the federal level.


Victims of Obamacare

If you believe that the end of private, for-profit health insurance is some type of nefarious step towards a socialist society, then you might want to attend church this Sunday to mourn the loss of health insurers being able to worm out of covering the bills of a cancer patient because she forgot to write down on her application that she had skin acne for three months when she was a teenager.


10+countries have had Universal health care for 50+ years


Watch Sicko to see the Truth about Universal Health Care 


25-45,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health care, Obamacare is a step in the right direction to change this…

NO person who is sick should EVER have to worry about money, or become bankrupt due to illness, period end of story


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