pay it forward

with 100 pounds of pound cakes… These Nine Nanas inspired me today…. thanks to Marlo Thomas and Huffington Post…

they give new meaning to the words Drive By…

Thirty years ago, these lovely ladies started baking up a storm and giving strangers some pound cake to lighten up their lives. They started giving out cakes to local people who just had a family member die (they searched the obituaries). And then branched out…

We check the newspapers for births and deaths. The evening news is also another good source. For example, if we hear of someone who could use a little happiness, we do our darnest to track them down. By the way, that’s not always easy! Oh, we also listen an awful lot. With so many people talking on cell phones, we over-hear a lot of information! Hey, it’s not our fault people aren’t using their inside voices! Finally, we tend to look in the telephone directory.”

And they do it anonymously… plus they’ve been doing this for 30 years!

Why do it surreptitiously?

“To us, it just makes sense. You know for some strange reason, people seem to be touched even more because it’s coming from strangers. And besides, it’s our way of letting the recipients know somebody out there loves them. Since we can’t give away hugs, then Grandma’s blue ribbon pound cake it is.”

what can you do to make the world a better place today???


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3 Responses to pay it forward

  1. Susan says:

    In the midst of all the craptastic headlines these days, it was lovely to read something like this.

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  3. rumpydog says:

    What an awesome idea! Those ladies are sure special!

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