A fresh start, a new beginning

Well, folks I have not written for a long time.

And now, I am going to restart this blog with new info. I do hope you will read and enjoy it.

When I first met Rannette Eva Daniels Nicholas, in 1975, her hair was a golden color, it was long and flowing and a bit curly. But what I remember most is her eyes and laughter. Her eyes held a depth of wisdom and aliveness I had never seen nor known  before. She looked right into my soul with her gaze. And her laughter was at once lyrical, melodious and joyful. A hearty blend of  happiness and sauciness. I was entranced. Whatever her secret to living life was, I wanted to learn it and be a part of whatever she was doing.

At the time, she was leading men’s and women’s groups out of her duplex on Croft in West Hollywood. Later, she established the Daniels Institute of Successful Living, which became known as The Institute in Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard.

After another incarnation, it became known as Earthplay. A few years later, we brainstormed that name in Munich, Germany. Because what Rannette’s work and teachings were always about living life with joy, playing on the earth. Having fun and creating success. Going for your dreams. And Be Do Having what you want while being a good, kind, professional person with honesty, integrity and consideration for other people. Serving others while serving yourself. But I digress.


I had wanted to find an ongoing Radical Feminist therapy group. And I called the Woman’s Building and asked for a referral. As a joke, this woman, Nancy, referred me to Rannette. What Rannette was doing, the men’s and women’s groups, were radical. And she considered herself a feminist. Nancy pranked me into thinking that I was going to a group like the one I had been participating in. But it was not at all the same.

My first inkling that this was going to be a very different experience was when a man answered the telephone. Now, I am heterosexual aka straight. But some of the radical feminists were gay and a minority of them considered themselves separatists who wanted to separate the genders. They wanted no part of men. I did not agree with that and yet, this new experience, even on the phone, seemed unusual. It was just plain odd for a man to answer the phone for a Radical Feminist therapy group!

John and I had a very strong connection on the phone. He invited me to an Open House where I could get to meet the woman running the groups and to see firsthand what they were doing. Sounded good to me.

Still, somewhat puzzled, I sat outside the address for a few minutes after seeing an older man going into the door of the place. What the heck was going on? Why were all of these men going to Radical Feminist meetings?  I tossed and turned the idea around in my brain and it did not compute. My shrink, however, had been supporting me to try new experiences. I finally decided to go inside because I could always leave if I did not like it.

Bravely, I knocked at the door and was greeted by the tall, dark and blue-eyed handsome man who I had spoken with on the phone. John was polite, charming and gracious and ushered me inside where I sat and watched a group of men and women share about their lives and experiences that week. The energy in the room was something that I had never encountered. I could not quite put my finger on it. But it was infectious. Everyone seemed happy. The women in the Radical Feminist group I had gone to were angry and / or depressed about how unfairly women were treated in the world. To say the least, this was nothing like that!

The women in this group seemed empowered. They were achieving successes in their personal and career lives. And they were enjoying whatever they were doing.


Amazed, I continued to observe until the group took a break and went into separate rooms. Men in one, women in another. John took me into another small room and led me through a very short guided visualization. It was very powerful and insightful. My therapy had been good and I thought successful, too. But this was something more. Something completely indefinably different and I wanted more. After discussing the benefits of the groups, a lady entered the room, who John introduced as the founder. Her name was Rannette Daniels (now it is Nicholas). Hungry, I asked questions and devoured her answers.

She says that they could not get me to leave. I was there for something like six hours. I just could not believe that this was real. That she was Authentic. True. I am, at heart, a jaded, skeptical, even cynical at times, New Yorker. And so I had to find the catch, right. What was really going on? Was I being scammed? But I could find nothing wrong. I found nothing other than pure love, compassion, empathy and joy. Love seemed to emanate from her very pores.

Soon, I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. My life’s work and then some. And for 40 years, I have found knowing, working and assisting Rannette Nicholas to be a joy, challenging, difficult, and more.  I have done things like lead seminars and workshops (the best time of my life!),  travel around the world for three years as part of OIM, an intercessory prayer ministry, in the late 1980’s, completed college, became (my dream) a published writer (newspaper reporter, editor and publicist), relieved 98% of my symptons of fibromyalgia and so much more.

Which brings me to the present time. This week, amidst my own precarious life situations, I found out that this woman who I have loved, who has encouraged and supported me and had my back for so many years is very ill and needs assistance. I was at once relieved to know what was going on and immensely saddened by the news.

And hopefully, there are people who know or knew Rannette and others that do not, Angels, who will be guided to assist her in overcoming this difficult time and obtaining the resources that she needs.

You can read more about what is going on here:



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Some Men think they own Women

Am working on an article and blog post about men who cannot take no for an answer. It is getting long and complicated. But will pare it down to size, trim it, work it so that it is readable here. Meanwhile, here are a few great bits and pieces to share.


Apparently, a husband put his wife’s reasons for saying no to sex (he says excuses) on an Excel Spread Sheet and then he pasted the list online. The wife was not pleased and responded. And it’s become a thing online with some men thinking that women owe them sex, that they are entitled to have sex whether a woman agrees or not, and so there is controversy unlimited. Another woman actually posted her husband’s reasons for not having sex with her online, too. It does work both ways but more far more men complain and feel entitled to women’s bodies than vice versa. Look at all of the bills that have been passed by the GOP trying to regular women’s reproductive systems because these guys are terrified of women having autonomy, power, freedom and sex. Next thing you know, these uppity women will want to be considered FULL human beings with all kinds of rights and stuff, like equal pay for equal work. And they will want to have babies or not have babies and do whatever they want to do. Imagine that….


“Some men still believe that owning a penis entitles them to unlimited sexy times.

“…Cases of domestic violence against women in the U.S. are alarmingly frequent, and perpetrators often exhibit a similar attitude of entitlement toward their partners. … 1 in 4 American women will face domestic abuse in their lifetime, and one-third of those cases involve marital rape.

“…Entitlement to women’s bodies is one peg in the cycle of abuse. Whether it’s the Santa Barbara shooter who went on a shooting spree to “punish” every girl who has “never been attracted” to him, or the insidious, so-called Pick Up Artists who proclaim that violence against women could be averted if men learned how to seduce women properly, the refrain is always the same: Men need and, more importantly, deserve sex, primarily because they are men. Women who are perceived as withholding, whether it’s toward their boyfriends, their husbands or guys they met once at a fraternity party, are labeled prudes and bitches. Women who allege they were forced, meanwhile, get blamed by judgesjournalists and politicians. “










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Hobby Snobby Anti-Sex Law

“The decision in the Hobby Lobby case is many things. It is the continued elevation of Christianity over all other religions, another declaration that corporations have more rights than people and a political strike against Obamacare. But it’s mostly simple, old-fashioned woman-hating from top to bottom.”


Contraception promotes personal responsibility, prevents abortion, and gives women freedom. Three things you’d think conservatives would be in favor of, but no, they aren’t.

Gagging Doctors from talking about birth control

Hobby Lobby and other corporations don’t even want you to talk to your doctor about birth control.

“Having a discussion about the verbotten forms of contraception with your doctor, just might render the entire visit Uncovered under your Health Insurance – which means you wouldn’t just be paying for the cost of that particular prescription out of your pocket you’d have to pay for the ENTIRE VISIT OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET.

“And I would think that’s a bit more than $9/Month [ed. I should point at that the “Just $9” meme is a crock too. Birth Control can run for as much as $390/year, Plan B starts at $49.99 and an IUD can cost over $900!]”



How IUD’s work



Dispelling other myths and lies… is birth control cheap and available everywhere? Does birth control cause abortion? who is paying for your contraceptives? and more

“Few would argue that a health plan covering asthma treatment means that “your company is paying for your inhaler.” Similarly, a company health plan covering contraception doesn’t mean your employer pays for your pills.

“…pregnancy is not a disease, it is a life- or health-threatening condition for many women. Before the advent of birth control, women died of pregnancy-related causes much more often than they do today.

“…should you really have to detail your medical conditions and sex life to your boss?

“…The insurance offered by Hobby Lobby covers both vasectomies and Viagra.

so why does Hobby Lobby cover birth control for men but not want to cover birth control for women?

“…”Health insurance is part of your compensation package, and health insurance is supposed to cover your health care needs.”

“…”Just get a different job” is a tall order for many Americans.

“And besides, why should women be forced accept discrimination by seeking a different employer?”



 The Hobby Lobby decision hurts all women

99% of women in the USA use birth control; 1 in 3 women will have or have had an abortion in the USA;


Although at first it was said that the decision only had to do with a few forms of birth control, a couple of days later, it became clear that it has to do with ALL forms of birth control


Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 9.25.42 AM


According to the Food and Drug Administration, all four of the contraceptive methods Hobby Lobby objects to—Plan B, Ella, and two intrauterine devices—do not prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterus, which is the medical definition of abortion. These methods prevent fertilization.


Women are not people but corporations are?


Via Sandra Fluke:

“Some imagine closely held corporations as family-run small business. Actually, closely held corporations make up more than 90 percent of the businesses in this country. They employ 52 percent of the labor force, and the 224 largest closely held corporations had combined revenues of $1.6 trillion in 2013. Some of these companies include Dell, Toys ‘R’ Us, Heinz, Dole Foods, Petco, Stater Bros and yes, even Koch Industries. Under today’s decision, employees (and their dependents) at all of those corporations may lose their insurance coverage of birth control if their employers choose to deny it.”


By an OBGYN doctor:


Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 9.23.04 AM

From a wise man:

First, EVEN IF women are just using contraception for their sex life, that is NOT a reason to remove it from ordinary health insurance. Do you want to have to worry about whether your date has access to birth control? But it’s also important to understand that many women use contraception for reasons that have nothing to do with sex. The health benefits for many women are significant.

Men, imagine if there was a relatively common condition that caused caused intense pain in your scrota and a high risk of cancer. Imagine that that could be prevented simply by taking a pill. Now imagine that powerful courts and a vocal segment of society told you that you should have to pay hundreds a month for it, out of pocket, that you should keep your legs closed, that you should pay for your own choices. This offensive, repressive nonsense is what the ladies are up against, guys.


…There are a million reasons why women sometimes have and need abortions. There is only one reason to deny them: POWER. A woman who can’t control her own body is a woman without any power whatsoever. That is a fact. Whether compelled by the state or by an individual or, as is now the case, by a corporation, it is a violation of a woman’s human rights to force her to do with her body what she does not want to do.

…If you cannot face the reality of abortion then you are living in a state of ignorance, fear, and bigotry against the very people you love; people who mean the most to you in this world. You are choosing to deny those you love their right to live as freely and as happily as you do. So, the shame is now laid at your feet. It is yours to come to terms with. Not ours. Women have the moral high ground here, and it is up to those who would prevent us from living freely to justify their fear of our freedom. Not the other way around.



The Sex Police have NO CLUE how contraception nor women’s anatomy works



Hobby Lobby:
Corporate Headquarters: 7707 SW 44th St,, Oklahoma City, OK 73179 (405) 745-1100 FREE
Customer Service: 1-800-888-0321 Ext. 1275
Email: shop.hobbylobby.com/service/contact/

“The only way to resolve this mess is to take employers and their “sincere beliefs” completely out of the picture. Remove employers and the insurance industry exits with them. What’s left is single-payer healthcare, which is the right way to deliver services that are matters of life and death.”

– Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times.

Please SHARE if you think we need #‎SinglePayer now more than ever!


“If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be — a Christian.” –Mark Twain

yeah despite the fake twisted and hypocritical “christian” religious right views of today, Christ was NOT homophobic, NOT misogynist, and NOT about forcing his beliefs upon everyone … he WAS about LOVING your neighbors and enemies, taking care of the poor, sick and needy, and giving unto Caesar what is his… (paying taxes and whatever else is required to live in a community)… he also was not white and he was a Jewish carpenter.

Christ would probably give birth control out to women to help them live their lives. He certainly would NOT condone men forcing poor women to have unsafe abortions and risk their own lives. He certainly would NOT condone employers forcing their “religious” views onto their employees. He certainly would not condone judgement and discrimination against anyone. (let he without sin cast the first stone).

But hey, what do I know, I personally traveled around the world during the 1980’s with an international, interfaith, interdenominational prayer ministry. We lived on Faith, learned to hear that still small inner voice of the divine, and did not try to save anyone nor try to foist our beliefs onto others. We were a diverse group, many Jewish people and German people, and we prayed for the Highest Good of ALL. We went to many different churches, synagogues, temples in various countries from America to Israel, Greece, Holland, Germany, England, France, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and more. We saw a lot of hypocrisy in ALL of the religious people and their places of worship. Pastors who were crooks and priests who did not know Jesus, nuns who were hiding away, and rabbis who were intolerant. But there were also many good people we met along the way, folks who practiced love, kindness and compassion. Sometimes the people who could least afford giving were the most generous. And often times, we were blessed and were a part of miracles of faith and healing. We were NOT affiliated with any particular church and we also read the Bible a lot as part of our prayers. I am no Bible expert but I learned a lot about Jesus and the Bible and what I see happening in America is NOT NOT NOT of Jesus.

Not ALL “Christians” agree with the Hobby Lobby decision


As far as our Founding Fathers…they had this to say about religion:

John Adams: “The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” (Treaty of Tripoli, 1797)

Thomas Jefferson: “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.” (Letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814)

James Madison: “The civil government … functions with complete success … by the total separation of the Church from the State.” (Writings, 8:432, 1819)


“Christian establishments tend to great ignorance and corruption, all of which facilitate the execution of mischievous projects.”

– James Madison, letter to William Bradford, Jr. (1774)

“There is nothing which can better deserve our patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.”

– George Washington, address to Congress (1790)

“During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.”

– James Madison, General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia (1785)


Conservative Presidents and others

Roe v Wade and abortion

decision for Roe: conservatives 2-1, liberals 3-1, moderates 2-0; by party of presidential appointment: Republicans 5-1, Democrats 2-1.

Barry Goldwater, “A woman has a right to an abortion. That’s a decision that’s up to the pregnant woman, not up to the pope or some do-gooders or the Religious Right.” (Interview, Los Angeles Times, 1994)

In the spring of 1967, four months into his first term as governor of California, Ronald Reagan signed a bill that, among other provisions, legalized abortion for the vaguely-defined “well being” of the mother.

Theodore Roosevelt, who first proposed a system of national health insurance during his unsuccessful Progressive Party campaign to retake the White House from William Howard Taft in 1912, gets scarce mention at Republican National Conventions these days…

Nixon was an advocate of national health insurance, too.


President Obama has at least 11 direct ancestors who took up arms and fought for American independence in the Revolutionary War and two others cited as patriots by the Daughters of the American Revolution for furnishing supplies to the colonial army. This star-spangled heritage makes Obama eligible to join the Sons of the American Revolution, and his daughters the Daughters of the American Revolution. Not bad for someone some conservatives on the lunatic fringe still insist is a foreigner bent on destroying the United States of America.


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Dude, where’s my turn?

Ok, so it has been awhile since I  posted here.


If you have been following or participating in the empowering #yesallwomen, that erupted on Twitter and Facebook after the Isla Vista shootings, you just might find something here worth reading. There is a lot that I’ve gathered (links as evidence).  Just because of the #notallmen crowd so dig in.




Men truly are the weaker sex 

It seems that the #notallmen dudes are determined to compete, compare and beat women into submission just because they think they are exempt, not who women are talking about, and / or want to race us to the limelight to prove which gender is more harassed. These guys think that their harassment is much worse and seek to claim the prize for their own sad tales of abuse (as if it’ a prize). They desire to make the ladies look at their side of the story, because we women do not hear enough about the male point of view every day. Despite all facts and evidence to the contrary, they want us to believe that it is their gender who are the ones who are the most mistreated, harassed, abused and hated. Boo hoo hoo hoo for all the harassed bros out there.









Yes, they are right because all we read and hear about nowadays are that college men are being assaulted by hordes of drunk women who take advantage of them at frat parties. Plus these women rape their dates using drugs because they know that their male victims will not be believed in court because they cannot remember and make lousy witnesses. Those women see these slutty men walking around with bare chests and tight jeans. The men strut around provocatively, showing off their stuff, flirting and teasing the women so what are the gals supposed to do? Those guys are asking for it.


It is also (completely false) true that most men make less money than women for the same work, are ignored by society, have been raped, verbally attacked, groped, ogled, called names, threatened, sexually assaulted, domestically violated and murdered by people they know AND mass murdering women (just because men do not report or speak about these attacks means there are MORE male victims, dontcha know). Don’t be silly, everyone knows that the attacks against women including rapes and murders that happen every day (three deaths a day) and go unreported and are hushed up, treated like jokes are overexaggerated and prove that men have it so much worse than women just because men say so and #notallmen.

Of course, men saying so means that is the way it is despite statistics. The majority of female pundits on TV, females in Congress, female Presidents, female CEO’s, managers, directors, and others do not tell the truth. Then there are the divorced men whose lifestyles become devastated when they lose their spouse’s income plus have to deal with those deadbeat mothers who do not pay child support. Single again, they are afraid of walking alone at night, staying in their homes alone, and prefer to travel with other men, for safety reasons. And whenever they do venture out, all they hear are whistles and catcalls and propositions.

Some men are not aware of their terrible fate in life but sincerely, honestly, truly men have it much much worse than women. Men are the downtrodden class and have no privileges whatsoever. Just like white men are no better off than minorities.

Men are treated either like promiscuous gigolos or virtuous virgins by society. Men used to be considered the property of women and could not vote. Men could not get credit cards in their own names. Men are looked down upon, not taken seriously, nor believed nor do these women take NO for an answer. Male power is nonexistent. Everyone talks down to men, treats them like children (who should be SEEN and NOT HEARD), and laughs at them, threatens them, calls them names and addresses them as if they are just a pile of body parts or emotionally unstable crazy people. Because we all know that men truly are the weaker sex.


Some widely read women leaders and ministers say that men are just plain damaged. It must be that extra X chromosome or all of that testosterone that makes them sub-human. There are only two places that men should stay, cooking in the kitchen and with their clothes off in the bedroom. Makes for happier marriages and society.

All of those men out there working two full-time jobs, one paid and one unpaid at home doing housekeeping and child care duties and all of those single dads out there trying to juggle the roles of parent while putting bread on the table while making less money. It is a travesty.

And of course, men’s health care is in question all over the US. Laws are being enacted by mobs of women, making sure that men do not get Viagra, Cialis and  condoms because men cannot be without those. They are risking their very sex lives by speaking out and could die (of embarrassment).


The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Just the facts, ma’am

Just how often are women and men sexually harassed on the street?http://slate.me/1tFz8RO


On average, three women are killed in domestic violence incidents in the U.S. every day, according to the National Network To End Domestic Violence.


The Stop Street Harassment Organization released a report, concluding that 65 percent of women surveyed have experienced some form of street harassment. Specifically, 23 percent have been sexually touched and 20 percent have been followed.



If the men in your school can’t handle seeing perfectly normal and natural parts of a woman’s body, take it up with them, not the female students.

Women being held responsible for the actions of men is one of the more sinister forms of inequality still left virtually un-frisked in our country today. What is easiest on men cannot be the arbiter of how women receive rights, privileges, or codes.




 June 4, 1919, Congress passed the 19th Amendment and sent it the states for ratification!

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”









More than 70% of all elderly persons with incomes below the poverty level are women.


the power of words



yes, all men are part of the problem AND can be part of the solution


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On becoming ladylike

Ladylike or not  by CeliaSue Hecht

someone recently told me that

since I had cursed at him

(for good reason)

I was not being ladylike

who the hell wants to be

ladylike? I said

who the hell aspires to be


who the hell wants to behave

like a lady?

I have not wanted to become

ladylike since I was 14 years old

and even then

it was negotiable

acting ladylike wasn’t any fun

I could not climb trees

or play stoop ball

nor ringolevio

my tomboy self rebelled

against becoming ladylike

in any way

until I started liking boys

and thought I had to


and become a lady


acting dumb

and pretending to be weak

becoming ladylike

is code for becoming powerless

the girdles pinched

and the make-up

high heels and skirts

restricted my every movement

instantly I felt fat

some other girls

felt flat

each of us hated ourselves

for not being ladylike


in other words not being

attractive enough to boys

who only liked other girls

and models in magazines

we could never live up to

being ladylike enough

for those boys and men

we berated ourselves

with each and every flaw

counting our freckles

and doing damage to our

hair, faces and bodies

all in the name of

becoming ladies

no pain no gain

we mantra’d

we went on diets

and became bulimic

and anorexic

and exercised until we had

no more periods


until we became liberated

and threw away our bras

but even then in the back of our

minds, inside our heads

we still were never good and

ladylike enough

even after going to charm school

and reading Miss Manners

outwardly we spoke up

and raised our consciousness

but inside we continued to feel


ashamed because we were never

ladylike enough

mothers felt guilty and wrong for staying home

and for going outside the home to work

single women were ambivalent

about sex and getting married

divorce meant the whole world knew

that we were never going to be ladylike

enough EVER

being a lady means

keeping your legs together


wearing clean underwear

in case of a car accident or

what if you get hit by a bus?

controlling your mouth

no cursing nor telling dirty jokes allowed

no yelling or expressing your opinion

ladies, like children, should be seen and not heard

fists and bowels clenched

no belching, burping or passing wind

no vulgar displays of your sexuality

DO NOT dress like a slut

no sweat pants or crude lewd dresses

never lose your temper

or speak your truth to power

when out in public, know your place

inside and outside the home


being ladylike is related

to being a good little girl

who lives  her life seeking daddy’s approval

(and never attaining it)

while there is something to be said

for acting classy, elegant and polite

being ladylike can be a prison cell

here is a shocker:

Even Ladies like sex

so go forth and BE YOUR SELF


of what it means to be a Lady/woman

and forget about being ladylike

Move Over Barbie, Twinkies and Ho Hos…



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Why Mitt Romney lost

cannot imagine why mitt lost the election, seems like a real head scratcher…


here are a few clues…we know these couldn’t possibly be the REAL reasons…

but JUST MAYBE it was because of how he treats people…all of his bullying, abuse, alienating, contempt, insults, lies, secrets, disrespect ADDED UP (see below)…



That the GOP is just flat out wrong when it comes to health care, taxes, education, immigration… *might* have hurt them at the polls…

 “It’s not that our message — we think abortion is wrong, we think same-sex marriage is wrong — didn’t get out. It did get out.

“It’s that the entire moral landscape has changed,” he said. “An increasingly secularized America understands our positions, and has rejected them.”

nah, never mind…

1. he abandoned his own campaign staff


2. employees of companies Bain destroyed



3. President Obama and moderators of debates

4. women


5. working poor and middle class Americans

“In that moment, she also felt intimidated. Here was Romney, who held great power as her church leader and was the head of a wealthy, prominent Belmont family, sitting in her gritty apartment making grave demands. “And then he says, ‘Well, this is what the church wants you to do, and if you don’t, then you could be excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church,’ ” Hayes recalled. It was a serious threat. At that point Hayes still valued her place within the Mormon Church.”


6. minorities

7.  his dog

Mitt Romney “probably” would have been found guilty of animal abuse for strapping his crated dog to the roof of a car for a 12-hour trip.  http://www.dogsagainstromney.com/

8. his horse

9. gay kid

10. the British

11. auto industry

12. Massachusetts


13. Governor Christie

14. Folks devastated by losing homes (Hurricane Sandy)

While the President was in DC handling the Hurricane Sandy crisis, Romney was campaigning for himself in Ohio, calling his event “storm relief,” even though Ohio is over 500 miles from the nearest hurricane damage. Source:http://goo.gl/Asudj

15. company he keeps (Trump, Akin, Mourdock, Ryan)

16. Secrets and LIES


17. Refusal to show his tax returns

18. Forcing people to vote for him and come to his events


19. Racist bigotry/dog whistle ads/words


20. Flip flops


21. Incompetence

22. GOP platform, dirty tricks and voter suppression

yeah, it’s a real mystery why Mitt Romney lost… go figure…

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Women fought the GOP’s 2012 ‘war on women’ and won



Obama’s win was bigger than John Kennedy’s in 1960 (303 electoral votes, popular vote margin of 112,827), bigger than Richard Nixon’s in 1968 (301 electoral votes, popular vote plurlaity of 512,000), bigger than Jimmy Carter’s in 1976 (297 electoral votes, popular vote margin of 1,683,247), bigger than George W. Bush’s in 2000 (271 electoral votes and a popular vote loss of 543,816).


Dear GOP, billo, FOX, etc

we realize that you think people are deaf, dumb, blind, and just plain dishonest, crazy, racist and brainwashed and will believe whatever BS you spew. However, Obama got re-elected and all of your ignorant Neanderthals got thrown out because WOMEN, Latinos, African Americans, seniors, vets, students, middle class, hard working people, disabled folks, are UP, and SMART and SEE THRU your lies, tricks and blatantly discriminatory agenda.

We get it. You want to continue robbing, raping and pillaging our country and us and WE were rude enough to SAY NO!!!

We know the difference between competence and incompetence.

STOP BLAMING GOD/Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Christie and blah blah blah, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, LOOK in the Mirror for once.


maybe being the party of white guys isn’t the recipe for success


You got greedy, billionaire donors, parasites, your emperor has no clothes, now you know how we feel…

What goes around comes around.

what a waste…


We recognize and applaud and vote for HUMAN BEINGS WITH HEARTS who care about us and will fight for US, for what WE want.

We reject your God or anyone’s God / bible telling us what to do, who to love and who to hate.

We said NO loudly, unequivocally to your sexism, racism, and homophobic platform and we will continue to do so.

We are NOT NOT NOT your slaves.

We demand dignity, respect, freedom, justice and liberty for ALL people, ALL Americans.

We ALL, every human being, DESERVES REAL food, shelter, a living wage job, health care, education and to pursue happiness/our DREAMS.

Our country / planet DESERVES dignity, respect, living in harmony, clean air, water, earth and healthy animals and working bridges, roads, high speed trains, and more.

O’Reilly says liberals “want stuff.” If by “stuff” you mean equal rights for all, marriage for all, voting rights for all, and a woman’s right to have control over her own body then yes, we want “stuff” – and that’s why we reelected President Obama.

If asking millionaires and billionaires to PAY MORE taxes is likened to driving off a cliff then you go all Thelma & Louise.  GIVING BACK to this country will NOT kill you. YOU robbers, thieves, parasites and corporate welfare queens, stop whining and PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE.

Stick that in your bibles !!!!

JetBlue Airlines is offering free flights out of the country for angry voters who have vowed to leave the United States if their guy loses the election…Time to start packing Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc. —


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